We believe that movement is life and it should be fun!

TMC KIDS is a part of The Movement Collective, a group of passionate health & fitness professionals dedicated to sharing the joy of movement and mobility in the community.

Our kids learn to build skills & movement patterns in every lesson. We focus on Gymnastics strength, skills and mobility along with elements of dance, parkour and all of the fundamental movement skills your kids need to develop into a strong, confident & capable little human.

We provide a space to support their journey and development giving plenty of opportunities to build balance, social skills, spatial awareness and emotional wellbeing.

We know you have a heap of questions and want to know what is involved in signing your kids up to The Movement Collective program, times, prices, ages groups etc. So we have made it really easy with a Free Discovery call to give you all the information you need to get started at TMC KIDS.

Our core values

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